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Welcome to Lifting Up: Lessons From Verizon Women Leaders. In each episode of this special series, we celebrate a Verizon role model. We hear their success stories and glean wisdom from the ups, downs and detours of their journey. By amplifying diverse voices, we discover the unique superpowers that each one of us brings to the table, and gain tools to achieve personal and professional fulfillment - whatever form that takes.

Mar 18, 2018

Donna Epps is Verizon’s Vice President for Public Policy and Strategic Alliances. She manages Verizon’s domestic public policy efforts and relationships with strategic partners. In this episode, Donna shares how relationships have been key to her career success: building relationships counts as one of Donna's super powers, having started to develop her skills from a young age as the daughter of a United Methodist minister. Learn about the twists and turns of Donna's career path and why you should take that stretch assignment!