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Welcome to Lifting Up: Lessons From Verizon Women Leaders. In each episode of this special series, we celebrate a Verizon role model. We hear their success stories and glean wisdom from the ups, downs and detours of their journey. By amplifying diverse voices, we discover the unique superpowers that each one of us brings to the table, and gain tools to achieve personal and professional fulfillment - whatever form that takes.

Sep 3, 2021

Karen Zacharia is Chief Privacy Officer at Verizon. Karen followed her childhood aspiration of becoming a lawyer and shares her multifaceted (and globetrotting!) experiences, as she transitioned to working in house at Verizon over 27 years ago. The wisdom she gained during her career shines through, as she shares the importance of building confidence, asking for help, overcoming imposter syndrome, and taking care of your well being. While reflecting on her journey, Karen recommends maintaining a kitchen cabinet of advisors with whom to share goals and create accountability with each other, serving as a constant reminder of your collective priorities.