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Welcome to Lifting Up: Lessons From Verizon Women Leaders. In each episode of this special series, we celebrate a Verizon role model. We hear their success stories and glean wisdom from the ups, downs and detours of their journey. By amplifying diverse voices, we discover the unique superpowers that each one of us brings to the table, and gain tools to achieve personal and professional fulfillment - whatever form that takes.

Sep 20, 2021

Sheryl Suarez is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel in Verizon’s Public Policy Law and Security Group. She spent numerous years practicing general commercial litigation, before her interest and openness to learn about corporations and corporate practice led her to Verizon. In her time here, she has become a more collaborative problem solver as both a legal counselor and business partner in numerous roles.. Sheryl reminds us to inhale confidence and exhale doubt, while resisting the urge to underestimate our abilities: if there’s an opportunity that you think you can manage, raise your hand and pursue it!