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Welcome to Lifting Up: Lessons From Verizon Women Leaders. In each episode of this special series, we celebrate a Verizon role model. We hear their success stories and glean wisdom from the ups, downs and detours of their journey. By amplifying diverse voices, we discover the unique superpowers that each one of us brings to the table, and gain tools to achieve personal and professional fulfillment - whatever form that takes.

Aug 31, 2020

Michelle Goldman is Senior Vice President of Human Resources Operations at Verizon. In this episode, Michelle shares some of the many lessons she’s learned along the way, as she transitioned from her legal career as an Associate and Labor and Employment Attorney to Senior Vice President of Human Resources Operations. Michelle shares the wisdom she’s gained from stepping out of her comfort zone as she’s learned and evolved in her career. She reminds listeners of the importance of being open to new opportunities and having the courage to challenge and push yourself, no matter how bold or unconventional your path might seem.